Head to De Gruchy & The Trading point to see a selection of our home fragrance range.
Head to De Gruchy & The Trading point to see a selection of our home fragrance range.
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It's beginning to smell a lot like Christmas ...

Scented Candles


Well, here we are. Twinkle lights everywhere, Christmas songs in every shop and the scent of Christmas is in the air.....And I Love It !!! Don't worry I'm not gonna break out into Mariah's "All i want for Christmas'... well not in public anyway ( no one needs to hear that!)

But....It really is beginning to smell a lot like Christmas At WILLOW HQ.

I'm is here to help with your festive purchases, from candles, diffusers and wax melts. I will also be making up some gift boxes, but if you want to choose your items to put in, then no problem, we can arrange for you. Just drop me a line, email or through socials.. you know what to do !

Now I must mention The Candle Club for Christmas. I've been asked a few times regarding doing shorter periods of time for gifting. Well you can do as long as you want. You can cancel anytime, or if you want to pay upfront then that's also fine, just get in touch and we can sort the discount and I can send a link to pay.

So a great Christmas, or birthday Idea would be to sign them up for 3, 6 or 12 months. You pay monthly (but only one sign up) and just cancel after the 3 /6/12 month period is up, or get in touch to pay in one go...Easy !

Email sales@willowjersey.com of through FB ( or META, whatever its called now!) or Insta @willowjersey.

Let's be honest, who doesn't love a scented candle or diffuser, especially at Christmas. So Christmas candles are the way to go and we have a Candle Collection that covers it all from traditional pine trees and cooking gingerbread in Nana's kitchen, to captivating opulent tones and of course Mulled Wine.... well it is Christmas!

So Head to our Christmas Fragrance section and have a meander through the scents.

I'm sure you will find a scent for your Christmas & your Lifestyle....remember feel free to get in touch. Right I'm off to eat a mince pie, I will hold off on the Mulled Wine, I may just light the candle instead!

Products available online, The Trading Point & De Gruchy (please note we will be updating as much as we can, so just ask if you don't see what you want).


Christmas Candles

 Happy festive season

Vanessa x