Head to De Gruchy & The Trading point to see a selection of our home fragrance range.
Head to De Gruchy & The Trading point to see a selection of our home fragrance range.
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Time to light that lovely scented candle of yours....but wait. Have you been following the rules, yep, there are some golden rules you should absolutely follow to ensure a safe candle burn. 

I can bang on about candle safety all day long as it's crazy important to follow. 

Here we go....

TRIM THE WICK- This will ensure the candle flame does not get too large and will create a better more even burn. Also removing any wick debris, as the wick may have what we call a 'mushroom' shape which you will need to trim away. This can happen with many candles and is pretty normal, just trim away to about 1/4 inch  each and every time.

DON'T THROW THE MATCH IN THE BIN-  Obvious right, actually not so much! Use a long match or lighter to light your candle, but please don't throw the hot match in the bin as this can cause a fire, so either place on a heat protective surface or wet under the tap. I always wet it before throwing away. 

CAREFUL WHERE YOU PLACE THE CANDLE- It's not a good idea to place your candle in a draught as this will cause the flame to dance around more, creating a larger flame and uneven burn. DO NOT place a lit candle near anything that can catch fire, ie: curtains or diffusers! Remember candle safety!

KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN AND PETS- Please do not place anywhere where a child can get hold of a candle, lit or not. Also same with pets, where they may be able to knock over or swipe down with a wag of a tail. DISASTER !

NEVER LEAVE A BURNING CANDLE- Don't light a candle then leave the room, it's alway best to be close by incase anything happens. Remember, you have a flame there! So don't light a candle in you bedroom then come into the lounge and sit and watch tv.... you won't know whats happening to the candle. 

FOLLOW THE BURN TIME GUIDE- It is always best to follow the burn guide you should get when you purchase your scented candle. As this will be how the candle has been tested. As a general rule you want to burn you candle to a full melt pool or as near to as poss. This is important on the first 3-4 burns so you don't get tunnelling. There may be a few mm on the side, and that's fine that should catch up as you burn the candle down. Once you're about half way through the burn, I would recommend burning the candle for about 2-3 hours and never ever long that 4 hours. 

DON'T MOVE A LIT CANDLE- certain candle containers will get hotter than others but as a rule of thumb never try to move a burning, or just out candle, the jar will be hot. If you need to move, move from the base, the top of jar will be the hottest. If it's a tin candle container... be careful these can get very hot. That is why I would never make candles in tin.


Right- with all that being said,  and you know all about Candle Safety, time to find that perfect spot for your wonderfully scented candle and enjoy the aroma! 


Oh one last tip - I often ask Alexa or Siri to "remind me to blow out candle in 3 hours". !!!!

Works a treat.






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