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Head to De Gruchy & The Trading point to see a selection of our home fragrance range.
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DEMENTIA JERSEY..Tickets for prize draw

Support Dementia Jersey and Honour My Dad’s Memory

I’m excited to announce a special fundraising initiative close to my heart. In honour of my dad, who passed away last year after battling Dementia and Parkinson’s, I am selling tickets for just £5 each to raise money for Dementia Jersey.

Why You Should Buy a Ticket:

  • Support a Great Cause: Every ticket sold will directly support Dementia Jersey, a charity dedicated to providing essential services and support to those affected by dementia.
  • Make a Difference: Your contribution will help fund research, care, and awareness initiatives, making a tangible impact in the fight against dementia.
  • Honour My Dad’s Memory: This fundraiser is a tribute to my dad’s strength and spirit. By purchasing a ticket, you are helping to honour his legacy and support others in need.

How to Participate:

  1. Buy a Ticket: Visit our website and purchase one or more tickets for £5 each. Tickets are on sale until the last day of June.
  2. Spread the Word: Share this initiative with friends and family to amplify the impact.
  3. Make a Difference: Know that your contribution is helping to improve the lives of those affected by dementia.
  4. The Winner: I will announce the winner at the very beginning of July.

Let’s come together to support Dementia Jersey and make a meaningful difference in the lives of so many. Thank you for your generosity and support.