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NEW FEATURES... Check out our REWARDS programme. And leave us a review if you like a product.
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See Ya 2020 !

Looking back...briefly!

Well, where do we start hey?? I dont know about you, but I am looking forward to 2021!
This year has been to sad for many, and we just need life to be kinder to everyone! !

To be honest though, I can't say that this year has been a total right off for me. It has definitely had its ups and downs, and I am very much, like most of you, looking forward to next year (well from spring really)and hoping that some sort of normal living (not wearing masks everywhere, and not having to distance etc etc...) comes back!

I know for many its been a pretty crappy year for lots reasons due to Covid 19! But, I am hopefull that at some point next year, we will be having conversations that don't even mention the nasty virus, also going out with friends and socialising as we did before.

Well, we just have to be positve, what's the point otherwise. SO... lets stay stong, stay positive and kick this virus in the butt! Right, enough of that, C19 has taken up too much time as it is !

It has been a pretty good year for Willow Jersey, you guys have kept me nice & busy, so THANK YOU !
Even though many pop-ups didn't happen in the end, we managed to get a few in and have had a great finish to the year!

I love doing these pop-ups as it's so wonderful to meet so many of you, that I wouldn't otherwise meet.

And aside from you guys keeping me busy, driving round the Island( or should I say... getting lost, my sence of direction has not improved...I can see my husband rolling his eyes ), we have been doing some major work to our house....eeek. I'm looking forward to sharing some pics with you all's very exciting, and well, quite frankly, a bit stressfull, messy and, yeah ok, it has been fun too ! It will be worth it soon..I hope !!

Next season...

This year has been rather tricky in getting some orders here, with shipping containers going off loaded up, and not returning for weeks on end, so, I am praying next year is better, as I have some lovely home goodies for you...check out the pics for a sneak peek!

I wont be taking any pre-orders at the moment, as I don't know an exact date and well, to be honest if things dont arrive on time it is just a big old nightmare to sort! But I do know spring will be filled with lots of fab things! Very exciting !! 


Right, I'm going on a bit now, so all that's left to say is thank you all again, and I wish all of you a fabulous Christmas, I know it's not the same, but lets just get through this year, and make 2021 the best year we can.

Please keep yourself and your loved ones safe ,and lets go into the New Year with hope and postivity xxx


Much love , Vanessa xxx